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Eureka Creative Lab offer branding design and visual brand identity to give luxury brands an edge. Sectors we cover include high-end B2B, luxury lifestyle, art and culture. We also work with ‘beyond luxury’ brands on all aspects of their branding and marketing.

Your visual brand identity is a powerful asset and a huge part of who you are as a brand. A distinctive logo, strap-line, imagery, typography and language make a brand immediately recognisable, becoming persuasive symbols that help it stand out in the market – and evoking certain emotions in your target market. We use the power of branding – both visual and verbal – to help luxury products or high-end services stand out in their category, making them distinctive, easier to understand and more memorable.


“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

As craftspeople we are driven by passion not processes and we adapt our approach to suit each individual branding design project and client. Using the results of the brand positioning stage to guide us, we craft bespoke elements to complement and reinforce your brand’s ethos, designing beautiful luxury brand identity and setting out the principles for your logo and use of colour, design and photography, tone and language.


Once we have clear understanding of the dimensions of the brand identity design brief, we jump in with totally open minds. Initial discussions question, clarify and explore the terrain, giving our creativity a sense of direction and firming up different ways of approaching the brief. We examine the competitive landscape, the target market and investigate potential avenues for innovation, then pour our ideas into thought-rich but loose mood boards designed to provoke discussion, inspire and lead us towards different gems of ideas.

Every visual identity design project is totally unique and bespoke, so the content of our concept presentation varies for each client. At this stage, we narrow down the creative options and firm up several tangible routes that demonstrate our vision for your brand identity to explore further. We clearly convey our core ideas of how to communicate your brand values, hit all the right emotional notes with your target audience, and allow you to visualise how your finished brand communications could look.



After choosing a single direction, we explode the design, refining logo, colour palette, typography, use of imagery or illustration, page design and any supporting graphics. It’s a carefully detailed process to pull all the different elements of design together to create a coherent, sophisticated and harmonious language for a luxury brand. This is the moment when designers can experiment with forms and lines, hues and shades, working closely within the agreed stylistic concept but adding their own sprinkling of magic to turn your brand’s image into something unforgettable.



Taking all the elements we have developed, we create clear brand guidelines, from as little as a single page to a comprehensive brand bible. These guidelines can cover everything from your brand’s logo application and fonts to colour palettes, use of imagery and graphic element styling, allowing your in-house team, partners and external agencies to communicate your brand consistently and confidently in all applications.

Now that you have a visual brand identity to be proud of, find out how we can apply it to your printed marketing communications and website.


If your business brand reputation is not good, then people don’t want to buy your products and services or no one would want to connect with your company. Your brand reputation can make and break your company.

How people know your brand describes your business success?

It doesn’t matter whether you are an established or a startup company, Brand Management service will redefine your success. It provides comprehensive and sophisticated brand management services to develop, enhanced and monitors your online digital brand presence.

Brand management services are to convey brand message brilliantly, create customer loyalty, influence the buyer for the product as well as start an emotional connectivity with the customers. Our clients consists of leading corporate houses, media outfits, film production companies, lifestyle brands, real estate groups, leisure & hospitality companies, liquor companies, state governments and public sector undertakings.

Features of Branding Consultancy and Management Services


  • Make your brand, product or service unique from the competition

  • Place your company brand top-of-mind with your audience

  • Better return on investment (ROI) as well as more brand awareness

  • Capitalize on mind share to aid drive sales

  • Trigger immediate recognition with prospects and customers

  • Corporate reputation management

  • Search engine monitoring

  • Online review management and response

  • Personal reputation management


To create memorable branding design for your luxury brand please get in touch and we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have 


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